Go Fly A Kite

by nataliehiong

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A song I wrote about my old job!


Go Fly A Kite
Music and lyrics by Natalie Hiong

You say I’m too quiet, I should learn how to talk back
You say I’m too nice, you don’t appreciate that
You want your lunch on your desk at noon
There’s only so much you can get a girl to do

You’re not quite as glamorous as they all say
Now I know you well enough, I can see right through
Like a bird in a cage, I’m dying to fly away
Cos’ nothing I do is ever good enough for you

All the money in the world
Can’t buy my love (can’t buy my love, can’t buy)
I gotta find a way out
Cos’ that’s not what I’m made of (what I’m made of)
I’ll find someone who’s gonna
Treat me right (oh yeah he’ll treat me right)
So go on, go on, go fly a kite!

You expect me to read you and your schizophrenic mood swings
I’ve put up with it long enough, I gotta make a living
You seduced me with your charm and a life of luxury
Babe, I’m a fool no more, I won't wear you like a trophy


I tried to convince myself you were the one for me
Wanted to prove I could handle you easily
But I’m sick of this façade and it’s time to admit
You and I just aren't a good fit

Chorus x2


released May 3, 2012
Music and Lyrics by Natalie Hiong
Vocals by Natalie Hiong
Guitars, Bass, Keyboards and Drums by Samuel D Kennedy
Produced by Samuel D Kennedy
Mixed and Mastered by Samuel D Kennedy of Arcadium Studios



all rights reserved