The Bedroom Sessions

by nataliehiong

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Here's a collection of songs i've written and recorded in my bedroom!


released February 4, 2012



all rights reserved
Track Name: Natalie Hiong - Tattoo
Music and Lyrics by Natalie Hiong

I was only seventeen
Dreaming ‘bout love like most girls would
You with that boyish smile
Took my heart and filled it with all the love a boy could

Two unbroken hearts
Just like untouched snow on a winter’s morning
We made these promises
But we didn’t see this coming

Like most young love
Ours didn’t last

Now memories of you
Are gathering like dust
Coating my heart
With a bittersweet lust
It’s been 1230 days
But the scars of a first love cannot be erased
This tattoo of you

Do you remember our first kiss?
At the bus stop near my place
The rush of blood to my heart
The feeling’s now gone but the memory remains

The rose from our last valentine’s
Still sitting on my shelf
But now it’s wilted and dried
Like all the tears I’ve cried


It doesn’t mean I’m still in love with you
It doesn’t mean I don’t love whom I’m with now
It’s just that once in a while
I click on your page
To see if you've found someone new