Little Heart

by Natalie Hiong

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Little Heart is a collection of songs that chronicle a journey of love seen through the eyes of a young lady, evoking real emotions unblemished by cynicism. These songs embody a blend of sounds, which range from soft elegant melodies in ‘Perfect’ to more upbeat and head-bopping tracks i.e. ‘This Love Song’ and ‘Part Of Me Wonders’.


released June 19, 2011

Produced by Kevin Foo, Natalie Hiong, Nigel Tan & Irving Koh
Mixed by Kevin Foo at Loft Studios
Mastered by Sean Magee at Abbey Road Studios
Artwork by Kristal Melson and Liquan Liew
Photography by Nathalie Thery



all rights reserved
Track Name: This Love Song
This Love Song
Music and lyrics by Natalie Hiong

Saturday afternoon
And I’m sitting here in my room
Thinking about you
And when I’m going to meet you

I guess I should be outside
Not hiding here, all out of sight
That’ll make it easier for you to find me

Oh Baby come and find me
I’m waiting here so patiently
What’s taking you so long
Can’t you hear me singing you this love song.

Friday night, I’m out about town
But I can’t help feeling down
Wondering why all the guys I meet
Are just after one thing.

I just want someone who’ll be true
And I know it’s you
So I’m pinning all my hopes on you
Now, darling come and save me!

Chorus x2

©Natalie Hiong 2010
Track Name: Part Of Me Wonders
Part Of Me Wonders
Music and lyrics by Natalie Hiong

Baby I just gotta come clean
I can’t give you what you want from me
Don’t get me wrong
I still think about you all the time

Only time will tell
If we are meant to be together
For now I’m like a balloon
I wanna fly fly fly
So don’t hold me down Ohh

Part of me wonders
If I’m letting my true love
Walk right out of my life
Just for the foolish reason
That I wanna have fun now
I wanna have fun oh

I don’t try to pretend
That it’s been easy for me
Many a sleepless night
Wondering if I’m doing what’s right

I could let it hang in the air
I know that wouldn’t be fair
So I gotta tell you now


I still wanna put myself out there
My heart’s still willing to be broken
But maybe that will help me to see
How good you are to me
But baby, I won’t make you wait
If I lose you, it’s my mistake

Chorus x2

©Natalie Hiong 2010
Track Name: Perfect
Music and lyrics by Natalie Hiong

The city winds down
At the end of another day
And I’m here with you

I take all my cares
And throw them away
Cos its just me and you

And it feels like
We’re the only two people in the world
Nothing else matters
Nothing else matters

The stars align
And the moonbeams shine
Nothing but you on my mind

The rain falls softly
And I’m safe in your arms
So lost in time

And I’m finding comfort in your sweet embrace
Don’t wanna fall asleep
Don’t want this night to end
Cos it’s perfect perfect

Tonight with you
So pure and true
Will always stay with me
Cos it’s perfect perfect perfect perfect perfect.

The city winds down
At the end of another day
And I’m here with you

©Natalie Hiong 2010
Track Name: Little Heart
Little Heart
Music and lyrics by Natalie Hiong

You fill my life with laughter
The silly faces you make,
Keep cracking me up, boy
You make everything alright

I love how you steal a kiss
And tell me I’m beautiful
Without any make up
I try to believe you

Oh, I figure I can live with this forever

Oh my little heart’s swelling with love for you
My little heart’s swelling with love for you
How I adore you
Oh my little heart’s swelling with love for you
My little heart’s swelling with love for you
I love you

I’ve never been one to gush
But this time’s an exception
I’ll shower you with affection
You know you like it

I think you’re so adorable
I know it’s not a word you’d like me to use
To describe you
But I can’t help it


Some people warn this is just the beginning
Feelings are gonna fade before we know it
I know this time is different
I’m sure my heart knows what its feeling


© Natalie Hiong 2010
Track Name: Sleepwalking
Music and lyrics by Natalie Hiong

Streetlights glow
On cobbled stone
My shadow walks alone

Haunting me
I’m lost in reverie

Oh, were we just reckless
But how could we stop two hearts so deep in love

I’m sleepwalking through these crowded streets
Sleeptalking to you in my dreams
You’ve left a cavern deep in my soul
And I’m losing control

I’m sleepwalking all of my days away
Sleeptalking but I’ve nothing left to say
So tired of being alone
And I’m waiting here, waiting for you to come home

In my mind
I can make believe

Feel you here
Holding me
But you’re half the world away

Oh, are we just hopeless
But how can we stop two hearts so deep in love


But I fear
This fire will disappear
What do we expect
it’s been perfect
And please promise me
it’ll be worth this insanity
Cos our love is deeper than the ocean that lies between us
I’ll find my way across the world just to be with you


©Natalie Hiong 2010